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About AJR

The monthly American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR) is a highly respected peer-reviewed journal with a worldwide circulation of close to 25,000. For more than 100 years the AJR has been recognized as one of the most respected specialty journals in the world. AJR is published by the American Roentgen Ray Society, which was founded in 1900 as the first radiology society in the United States. The society has been a forum for progress in radiology since shortly after the discovery of the x-ray and is dedicated to the goal of the advancement of medicine through the science of radiology and its allied sciences.

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Print ISSN: 0361-803X
Online ISSN: 1546-3141


AJR Editorial Board 

Editor in Chief

Thomas H. Berquist

Editors Emeriti

Lee F. Rogers
Robert J. Stanley

Section Editors

Cardiopulmonary Imaging
Patrick M. Colletti

Assistant Editors
Brett W. Carter, Jin Mo Goo (Asia), Loren H. Ketai, Yasuyuki Kurihara, U. Joseph Schoepf, Jabi E. Shriki, Srini Tridandapani

Gastrointestinal Imaging
Perry J. Pickhardt

Assistant Editors
Anne Covey, Cesare Hassan, Shahid M. Hussain, Mark E. Lockhart, Seong Ho Park, Benjamin M. Yeh

Genitourinary Imaging
Mukesh G. Harisinghani

Assistant Editors
Jurgen J. Futterer (Europe), Elizabeth Hecht, Pari V. Pandharipande, Arumugam Rajesh, Andrew B. Rosenkrantz

Health Care Policy and Quality
Howard P. Forman

Assistant Editor
Vijay M. Rao

Medical Physics and Informatics
E. Russell Ritenour

Assistant Editors
Richard L. Morin, Kent M. Ogden, Daniel E. Wessell

Musculoskeletal Imaging
Donna G. Blankenbaker

Assistant Editors
Jenny T. Bencardino, Soterios Gyftopoulos, Thomas M. Link, Mark D. Murphey, Wilfred C.G. Peh (Asia), Philip Robinson (Europe), Michael J. Tuite

Neuroradiology/Head and Neck Imaging
James M. Provenzale

Assistant Editors
Deborah A. Baumgarten, Lotfi Hacein-Bey, Bruno Soares, Max Wintermark

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
Rathan M. Subramaniam

Assistant Editors
Hossein Jadvar, Chandrasekhar Bal

Pediatric Imaging
Edward Y. Lee

Assistant Editors
Nadja Kadom, Douglas S. Katz, Hee Kyung Kim, Mark C. Liszewski, Cindy Miller, Grace Phillips

Vascular and Interventional Radiology
John A. Kaufman

Assistant Editors
Ann Marie Cahill, Thomas B. Kinney, Sharon W. Kwan, Kumble S. Madhusudhan, Mehran Midia, Keith B. Quencer, Bien-Soo Tan

Women’s Imaging
Marcia C. Javitt

Assistant Editors
Hiroyuki Abe, Rachel F. Brem, Stamatia Destounis, Ellen B. Mendelson, Cecilia L. Mercado, Benoit Mesurolle, Mary S. Newell, Francesco Sardanelli (Europe), Wei Tse Yang

Special Consulting Editors

Best Practices
Stella K. Kang
Pari V. Pandharipande

Leonard Berlin


Claire Bender
Richard Benedikt
Mark Bernstein
Candice A. Bookwalter
Joe Budovec
Brett Carter
Stuart L. Cohen
Kirkland Davis
Paula Niemer Dickson
Mai Elezaby
Yiming Gao
Monica L. Huang
Douglas S. Katz
Kenyon Kopecky
Scott A. Lehto
Cindy Miller
Franklin G. Moser
Mariam Moshiri
Mary Newell
Elsie Nguyen
Refky Nicola
Michael N. Patlas
Colin Poon
Edward Quigley
Miriam Romero
Michelle D. Sakala
David A. Spak
Bradley Spieler
Erica B. Stein
Chris Straus
Anderanik Tomasian
Michael Vannier
Christopher Vargo
Ben Wandtke
Ilana Simone Warsofsky