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Colombian Association of Radiology

The Colombian Association of Radiology (ACR), founded in 1945, is the association for the specialty of radiology and diagnostic imaging in Colombia and one of the most representative in Latin America.

ARRS Invited Society at the 2022 Colombian Congress of Radiology

ARRS is grateful to the Colombian Society of Radiology and honored to have been the invited society at the 2022 Congress in Cartagena, Colombia, May 12–14. Drs. Jorge Soto, Courtney Moreno, Erick Remer, Mukesh Harisinghani, and Aliya Qayyum represented ARRS and presented a multi-day course on Oncological Imaging.




Featured Journal Publication

ACR - Columbian Journal Cover

The Colombian Journal of Radiology, which is the official scientific publication of the Colombian Association of Radiology, is now available in English and the online version offers open access for ARRS members as part of the ACR-ARRS global partnership.

Below are links to current editions of the journal available online:

Vol 32 No 2 – June 2021
Vol 32 No 1 – March 2021
Vol 31 No 4 – December 2020
Vol 31 No 3 – September 2020
Vol 31 No. 2 – June 2020
Vol 31 No. 1 – March 2020


ARRS and ACR Leaders
ARRS and ACR leaders meet to discuss global partnership.

Global Exchange

ACR participated in a Global Exchange featuring Colombia during the ARRS 2017 Annual Meeting. ACR representatives presented the featured course, Colombia Meets America: Imaging of Thoracic Infections, with ARRS faculty. ACR President, Dr. Juan Mauricio Lozano Barriga, received ARRS Honorary Membership and ACR award winning electronic exhibits were featured during the meeting.


ACR Global Exchange

ARRS continued the global exchange at the 42nd Colombian Congress of Radiology in Cartagena.

ACR Global Exchange

ACR Global Exchange