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BREAST IMAGING: Ultrasound Management of Mammographic Findings

Case Author: Karla Sepulveda, MD, Baylor College of Medicine


70-year-old woman with a new left breast lump after wrestling with grandsons.

Imaging Findings

Craniocaudal mammogram of the left breast (A) 2 years before B–D shows scattered fibroglandular densities and postsurgical changes (arrow) from previous excisional biopsy with benign results. Current left craniocaudal (B) and spot magnification (C) images show ill-defined asymmetry (oval) in the posterior medial breast in the region of the lump the patient described marked with radiopaque marker (arrow). Ultrasound image (D) shows a hypoechoic mass (arrow) with an echogenic halo and irregular margins.


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