ARRS Global Partner

Korean Society of Radiology

The Korean Society of Radiology (KSR), established in 1945, is the official society representing all physicians of Korea in the field of radiology. KSR has a membership of 3,000 including 500 in-training members.

ARRS and KSR leaders celebrate their long-standing global society partnership.

KSR Membership for ARRS Members

ARRS members may apply for free KSR International Membership

KSR benefits include:

  • Free online access to Korean Journal of Radiology (KJR)
  • Free online access to KSR website and E-learning system
  • Free subscription to KSR news
  • Discounted KCR registration fee
  • Priority in consideration for KSR fellowship program

Featured Journal Publication

Global Exchange

KSR will participate in an Annual Meeting Global Exchange Featuring Korea in Honolulu, Hawaii, April 16-20, 2023.