Learning Outcomes

PET/CT is an essential imaging study, largely serving the fields of oncology and neurology, that combines the sensitivity of providing physiologic data about pathologic conditions with the diagnostic capability of CT. This symposium will focus on many important practical issues in PET/CT, optimizing PET/CT protocols and image production, as well as interpretation and improving communication.  Particular attention will be placed on the most recent updates and role of PET/CT in cancers diagnosis and treatment. 

After attending the symposium, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the appropriate use of PET/CT including oncologic and neurologic indications
  • Identify normal variants and pitfalls that can confound PET/CT interpretation
  • Discuss the latest updates in using PET/CT  in a variety of cancers 
  • Describe how to interpret PET/CT systematically and dictate reports 

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Target Audience: Diagnostic Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Physicians