ARRS Resident in Radiology Awards

The ARRS Resident in Radiology Awards are available to residents and fellows in radiological science research to support travel to the ARRS Annual Meeting to present their research.

2020 Recipients

Geunwon Kim Sun, MD, PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital

Melissa Rosado de Christenson Award

Ductal Carcinoma in Situ on Digital Two-Dimensional versus Tomosynthesis Mammography: Rates and Predictors of Pathologic Upgrade

Scott J. Adams, MD

University of Saskatchewan

President's Award

Development and Cost Analysis of a Lung Nodule Management Strategy Combining Artificial Intelligence and Lung-RADS for Baseline Lung Cancer Screening

Madison Kocher, MD

Medical University of South Carolina

Executive Council Award

Outcomes and CT Correlates of Young Adults Diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer

About the Awards

The ARRS Resident in Radiology Awards are available to residents and fellows in radiology and radiological science research. An Award supports travel to the ARRS Annual Meeting for the recipient to present their research. The ARRS Scholarship is funded through The Roentgen Fund® of the ARRS. One of three awards may be given to a resident/fellow:

President's Award - $2,000

Executive Council Award (2) - $1,000 each

Melissa Rosado de Christenson Award - $2,000

This Award honors Dr. Melissa Rosado de Christenson who has greatly impacted the field of radiology as well as been a pioneer for many radiologists around the world.

General Qualifications

Candidates must meet the following qualifications:

  • ARRS member at the time the application is submitted and for the duration of the award
  • Earned MD or DO (or equivalent) from an accredited institution
  • Currently in residency or fellowship training

Candidates' research must meet the following qualifications:

  • If not the sole author, it is expected that the applicant has performed the majority of the work and is the first author.
  • Papers must be on the clinical application of the discipline of radiology and radiological science.
  • The paper should not have been previously presented, published, or submitted for presentation or publication. The only exception is the paper may be submitted for the ARRS Annual Meeting for the Annual Meeting year coinciding with the Award year. For example, an applicant for a 2020 Resident in Radiology Award may have also submitted the paper as an oral presentation/electronic exhibit abstract for the 2020 ARRS Annual Meeting.

Only one submission per applicant permitted.

Submission Procedure

Application submission for the 2021 awards will open later in 2020.

Applicants are required to provide the following:

  • A cover page from the applicant stating his/her name, address, phone and fax numbers, and email address, for use by the ARRS Education Office
  • An electronic copy (PDF format preferred) of the manuscript and any illustrations. The manuscript format should follow the American Journal of Roentgenology Guidelines for Authors.
  • A curriculum vitae
  • A letter from the program director attesting that:
    1. The author is a radiology resident or fellow;
    2. The work is primarily the effort of the applicant resident/fellow;
    3. Each co-author has contributed to the work;
    4. The manuscript has not been previously presented/published, submitted for presentation/publication, and will not be submitted for presentation/publication while it is being considered for an ARRS Resident in Radiology Award.


Selection of the Awardees is based on: (1) The competence and promise of the candidate in research, education, or administration related to medical imaging; and (2) The strength of the candidate's manuscript based on scientific merit and potential impact.

Applications are reviewed by the ARRS Roentgen Fund Board of Trustees. Up to four awards may be given each year. All candidates are notified of the selection decisions. Award-winning papers are presented at the ARRS Annual Meeting.

For additional information please email