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Spanish Society of Medical Radiology

The Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM) is a scientific and medical organization, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, dedicated to teaching, development, advocacy and research on all aspects related to diagnostic and therapeutic medical imaging.

Global Exchange

SERAM participated in a Global Exchange featuring Spain during the ARRS 2022 Annual Meeting. During the Global Exchange, SERAM representatives presented the featured course, Brain Tumors: From Child to Adult, with ARRS faculty. SERAM President, Dra. Milagros Martí de Gracia, received ARRS Honorary Membership.

ARRS 2022 Brain Tumors 2022

Featured Journal Publications

Espacio Editorial Virtual

ARRS is proud to work with SERAM to contribute AJR articles for the open access, Espacio Editorial Virtual. New offerings of this online journal will be available every January, April, July, and October and are available in Spanish and English. See the latest publication at

SERAM Journal


  Atypical Bacterial Infections of the Central Nervous System Transmitted by Ticks: An Unknown Threat

  Anomalous Location of Intracranial Vessels in Adults

  Thoracic Ultrasound in Viral Infections

  A Review of the Anatomy of the Middle Cerebral Artery

  Percutaneous management of bone metastases: State of the art

  Are artificial intelligence systems useful in breast cancer screening programmes?

  Puerperal complications: Pathophysiological mechanisms and main imaging findings

  Pediatric chest X-rays during the COVID-19 pandemic Radiologia 2021

  SARS-CoV-2 what it is, how it acts, and how it manifests in imaging studies Radiologia 2021

  Acute mesenteric ischemia Radiología 2020

  Update in the evaluation of peripheral nerves by MRI Radiología 2020

  Traumatic injury of the petrous part of the temporal bone: Keys for reporting a complex diagnosis 2019

  Radiology of acute pancreatitis today: The Atlanta classification and the current role of imaging in its diagnosis and treatment 2019

  Histiocitosis pulmonar más allá de la histiocitosis de células de Langerhans Radiología 2019

  Pulmonary histiocytosis Beyond Langerhans cell histiocytosis Radiologia 2019

SERAM Membership for ARRS Members

ARRS members may apply for free SERAM International Membership.

SERAM benefits include:

  • Free access to educational content (electronic exhibits, e-books) of the SERAM.
  • Free access to professional content (proceedings, standards, certifications and consensus documents) of SERAM.
  • Free electronic access to Radiología, the journal of SERAM (plus contents alert via e-mail every new number).
  • Opportunity to submit to Radiología, the main radiological peer-reviewed journal in Spanish language, with English version of the main articles published.
  • Coverage of Article Processing Charges for accepted articles in Radiología.
  • Reduced registration fees for educational activities of the SERAM (congresses, courses and workshops).
  • Discounts on purchase of publications (journals, books, monographs).
  • Reduced registration fees for on-line courses and educational materials of SERAM.
  • Free receipt of various communications and newsletters.


ARRS_SERAM Leaders April 2018
ARRS and SERAM leaders meet to discuss global partner initiatives.