Disclosure of Commercial Interest

The following faculty members and planners have indicated that they do not have a financial relationship with a commercial organization that may have a direct or indirect interest in the subject matter being presented, or with any commercial organization that has provided funds for the educational activity has nothing to disclose:

  • Ron Bilow has nothing to disclose.
  • Suzanne Chong has nothing to disclose. 
  • Gary Danton has nothing to disclose.
  • Kerry Davis has nothing to disclose. 
  • Jamlik Omari Johnson has nothing to disclose. 
  • Catherine Petchprapa has nothing to disclose. 
  • Samantha Schulz has nothing to disclose.
  • Lubdha Shah has nothing to disclose.
  • Clint Sliker has nothing to disclose. 
  • Claire Sandstrom has nothing to disclose.
  • Ting Tao has nothing to disclose. 

The following individuals have indicated that they have a disclosure of commercial interest:

  • Aaron Sodickson receives an institutional grant as Principal Investigator from Siemens. He also receives a speaker honorarium from Siemens.