Breast Imaging: Diagnostic Dilemmas Web Lecture

This web lecture describes the usefulness and limitations of contrast enhanced mammogram, discusses appropriate radiology pathology correlation and concordance for challenging breast masses, recognizes pitfalls of synthesized 2D mammogram and ways to overcome them, and discusses detection and management of architectural distortions on DBT.

Please note — No credits are available for this course.

Topic Faculty

Contrast Enhanced Mammography: Can it Replace Breast MRI? Niketa Chandrakant Chotai, MD, MBBS, FRCR Watch Evaluation
Challenging Breast MRI Cases Uzma Waheed, MD Watch Evaluation
Challenging DBT Cases: Tips on Work-Up Maryam Etesami, MD Watch Evaluation
How to Manage Challenging Breast Ultrasound Cases Asha Bhatt, MD Watch Evaluation