Biliary Imaging

This course focuses on diagnostic and therapeutic considerations in biliary imaging. MRCP: Role in Patient Care; Cholangiocarcinoma: Current Concepts; and the Role of Imaging Prior to Biliary Intervention are key concepts reviewed in this course.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss imaging protocols for magnetic resonance imaging of the biliary system.
  2. Describe the role of imaging in pre-procedure assessment of patients undergoing biliary intervention for malignant bile duct obstruction.
  3. Discuss the spectrum imaging features of cholangiocarcinoma with emphasis on CT and MRI.

Please note — No credits are available for this course.

Topic Faculty

MRCP: Role in Patient Care
Courtney Moreno, MD
Watch Evaluation
Cholangiocarcinoma: Current Concepts Meghan Lubner, MDD
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Role of Imaging Prior to Biliary Intervention
Anne Covey, MD
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