Breast Imaging: Imaging Trends, Patient Care, and Global Insights

These videos offer insights on a variety of topics important to radiologists in regard to imaging trends, patient care, as well as global insights regarding breast imaging.

Please note — No credits are available for this course.

Topic Faculty

What Do We Need for Implementation of AI in Breast Imaging Katja Pinker-Domenig, MD Watch Evaluation
Breast Imaging Artificial Intelligence: Ethics and Medicolegal Issues Lisa Mullen, MD Watch Evaluation
Patient Communication and Patient Experience in Breast Imaging Nina S. Vincoff, MD Watch Evaluation
A Five Star Hospitality Approach to Enhancing the Patient Experience in Breast Imaging Claudia Cotes, MD Watch Evaluation
Breast Health Guidelines and Implementation in Uganda John R. Scheel, MD, PhD Watch Evaluation
Mammography in Trinidad and Tobago Murrie Mosodeen, MD Watch Evaluation
Breast Imaging in Egypt Noran Hussein, MD Watch Evaluation
State of Breast Imaging in Zimbabwe Maitazvenyu Mvere, MBChB Watch Evaluation
Global Health Frontier: Opportunities and Perspectives in Breast Imaging Stefanie Woodard, DO Watch Evaluation