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Course Director: Jean-Luc Urbain, MD, PhD, CPE, FASNC

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Thursday, August 11, 2022
Time Session Topic Faculty
12:00 PM12:30 PM
After this session, you will be able to define and characterize the field of Theranostics, illustrate the current applications of Theranostics, and discuss the significance of Theranostics for the future of the radiology subspecialty.
Jean-Luc Urbain, MD, PhD
12:30 PM1:00 PM
Andrew Scott
1:00 PM1:30 PM
Homer Macapinlac, MD
1:30 PM2:00 PM
The learning objective for this session is to discuss the role of nuclear medicine in diagnosing and treating neuroendocrine tumors.
Heather A. Jacene, MD
2:45 PM3:15 PM
The goals of this session are to outline newly approved prostate imaging radiotracers and their impact on diagnosis and follow up prostate cancer, discuss available therapy options using PSMA-based radiotracers and necessary practice changes to implement them, and summarize the role of artificial intelligence in diagnosis and follow up of prostate cancer.
Gholam Berenji, MD
3:15 PM3:45 PM
Pat Zanzonico, PhD
3:45 PM4:15 PM
The learning objectives for this session are to develop diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals with patient selection indication in parallel development, Prespecify and optimize imaging based patient selection criteria, and review and approve the prostate cancer theranostic pair-LOCAMETZ and PLUVICTO
Gang Niu, MD, PHD
4:15 PM4:45 PM
During this session, the speaker will illustrate the needs and requirements to establish a Nuclear Theranostics practice.
Daniel Lee, MD
4:45 PM5:15 PM
The learning objectives for this session are to outline the infrasture needs for a Theranostics program, discuss the clinical operational needs, and identify the current financial aspects.
Reginald F. Munden, MD, DMD, MBA