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ARRS understands that radiology professionals are being bombarded with news regarding COVID-19. Below, please find curated headlines and links for recent imaging news related to COVID-19. Check back often for updates. 

Autopsies Turn Up Strange Feature of COVID-19 LungsMedPage Today | May 22, 2020
How Your Hospital’s Radiology Department Can be a Key Line of Defense Against COVID-19MultiBriefs | May 21, 2020
New Study Evaluates the COVID-19 Impact on Imaging VolumesHarvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute | May 20, 2020
X-ray Experiments Zero in on COVID-19 AntibodiesLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory | May 19, 2020
The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Have a Long-Term Impact on Healthcare. Here are 4 Changes to ExpectFierce Healthcare | May 18, 2020
COVID-19 Ethics: What Neurologists Should ConsiderMedPage Today | May 18, 2020
Coronavirus: Imaging Equipment ‘Woefully Underfunded’BBC News | May 17, 2020
COVID-19 Patients with High BMI Three Times More Likely to Develop Pulmonary EmbolismApplied Radiology | May 15, 2020
MITA Urges CMS to “Double Down” on Strengthening Access to Medical Imaging Following Peak COVID-19MITA | May 15, 2020

Coronavirus May Pose a New Risk to Younger Patients: StrokesNew York Times | May 14, 2020
What Are Radiology Trainees Doing in the COVID-19 Crisis?Aunt Minnie Europe | May 14, 2020
Kidney Injury Seen in More Than a Third of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients: U.S. StudyReuters | May 14, 2020
Mount Sinai Announces First-of-its-Kind Center for Post-COVID CareNewswise | May 13, 2020
FDA Gives Clearance to Portable X-ray System with Potential for Diagnosing COVID-19Health Imaging | May 12, 2020
Radiologist Fights Physician Burnout Intensified by the PandemicU.S. Medicine | May 10, 2020
Radiology Business Leaders Urge Suspension of ‘Timely Filing’ Requirements Until COVID Crisis ClearsRadiology Business | May 8, 2020
Five Important Takeaways from Recent COVID-19 RecommendationsHealio | May 7, 2020
Experts Introduce CO-RADS as Standardized Way to Assess CT Imaging of COVID-19 PatientsRadiology Business | April 28, 2020
Radiographers Speak on PPE and COVID-19 Infection ControlAunt Minnie Europe | April 28, 2020
FDA Modifies Imaging Guidance for Duration of COVID-19 CrisisHealth Imaging | April 24, 2020
Radiology’s Ethical Dilemmas in the Age of COVID-19Diagnostic Imaging | April 21, 2020
What Does Coronavirus Look Like? CDC Releases Images From First American COVID-19 PatientForbes | April 20, 2020
I’m an Emergency Medicine Doctor: Here’s How We’re Using Ultrasound in Innovative Ways to Combat COVID-19Fast Company | April 18, 2020
Radiologists Sharing CT Scans, X-rays in Global Effort to Prevent COVID-19 DeathsABC (Australia) | April 17, 2020
Experience With Ebola Helps Atlanta Hospital Handle CoronavirusToday Show | April 13, 2020
What We Know – Federal Relief Programs That Could Assist Radiology PracticesHealthcare Administrative Partners | April 9, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Enables Rapid COVID-19 Lung Imaging AnalysisUC San Diego Health | April 7, 2020
OB/GYN Ultrasound Tools Work for COVID-19 Lung ImagingAunt Minnie | April 1, 2020
Open-Source AI COVID-Net Targets COVID-19 on Chest X-rayAunt Minnie | March 31, 2020
CT Shows Parallels Between Vaping Lung Injury, COVID-19Aunt Minnie | March 26, 2020
Many Patients Have COVID-19 Lung Abnormalities at Discharge; Follow-up Imaging May be NecessaryHealth Imaging | March 20, 2020
Teleradiology Giant vRad Urges Caution Citing COVID-19 in Imaging ReportsRadiology Business | March 19, 2020
Ultrasound May Be Useful for Diagnosing COVID-19Axis Imaging News | March 19, 2020
CT Illuminates COVID-19 in Diamond Princess CasesAunt Minnie | March 18, 2020
Disinfecting Imaging Equipment During COVID-19 OutbreakDiagnostic Imaging | March 13, 2020