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Chinese Taipei Society of Radiology

The Chinese Taipei Society of Radiology (CTSR) was founded in 1951 in Taiwan. CTSR has been active in furthering research, education and clinical practice in radiology for over 62 years. CTSR devotes itself as the center of communication for all issues in Radiology related areas. The goal of the Society is to bring all related medical fields together to benefit each patient. To achieve this goal, the CTSR encourages research, educational events, academic lectures and recording of these efforts through its official publication, the Journal of Radiological Science (JRS). Besides performing its core functions, the CTSR holds its annual meeting, inviting its entire thousand member base with an average attendance of 700-800. The members of CTSR include 863 radiologists. Through this strong member base, the CTSR provides important medical advice to the Public Health Bureau and Medical Education organizations.

ARRS and CTSR leaders participate in a global partner meeting in May 2019.

Global Exchange

CTSR participated with other ARRS Asian global partners in the Annual Meeting Global Exchange Featuring Asia in Honolulu, Hawaii, May 5-10, 2019.

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