2017 Annual Meeting — Global Exchange

Colombian Association of Radiology

ARRS wishes to thank the Colombian Association of Radiology for participating in the ARRS 2017 Annual Meeting Global Exchange featuring Colombia.


The Global Exchange Includes:

Colombia Meets America: Imaging of Thoracic Infections

Sunday, April 30
1:00 pm–3:00 pm (Part 1)
3:30 pm–5:30 pm (Part 2)

Experts in thoracic imaging representing both the Asociación Colombiana de Radiología and ARRS will present material on community-acquired infections, tuberculosis, nontuberculous mycobacterial infections, fungal infections, and parasitic infections. This course will be presented in Spanish.


Electronic Exhibits

The Asociación Colombiana de Radiología’s award winning scientific electronic exhibits will be featured during the ARRS Annual Meeting.