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Royal Australian and New Zealand
College of Radiologists

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR), founded in 1949, promotes and continuously improves the standards of training and practice in radiology and radiation oncology, for the betterment of the people of Australia and New Zealand. RANZCR has a membership of 3,500 including 650 student members.

ARRS leaders meet with RANZCR President during 2019 Annual Meeting.

Ethical Principles for AI in Medicine

RANZCR has become the first professional peak body to develop Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, ensuring Australia and New Zealand are positioned to become leading players in the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare. RANZCR's Ethical Principles for AI in Medicine outline the most appropriate use of AI and machine learning, including how both can successfully help drive even better patient care. The application of these principles will maximise the opportunities AI presents, allowing for a more efficient and accessible healthcare system that delivers improved outcomes for patients.

Link: https://www.ranzcr.com/college/document-library/ethical-principles-for-ai-in-medicine

Global Exchange

RANZCR participated in a Global Exchange featuring Australia and New Zealand during the ARRS 2016 Annual Meeting. RANZCR President, Dr. Gregory Slater, presented an instructional course with ARRS faculty and he received ARRS Honorary Membership. RANZCR award winning electronic exhibits were highlighted during the meeting.

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