Learning Outcomes

After attending the symposium, participants will be able to summarize the role of CT and MRI in stroke imaging, and:

  • Identify optimal use of CT and MRI to triage patients for stroke treatment.
  • Summarize the latest CT and MRI Imaging protocols.
  • Implement improved CT and MRI interpretative skills after reviewing a large number of stroke cases.
  • Recognize the common causes of stroke and role of imaging pediatric stroke patients.
  • Interpret the latest stroke research relevant to optimal clinical practice
  • Recognize common presenting stroke syndromes.

Registration for the symposium opens Monday, December 12. Your membership must be current to receive the discounted member rate. Nonmembers may apply for ARRS membership and pay the member fees.

Target Audience

Specialist neuroradiologists and non-specialist diagnostic radiologists alike; as well as nurse practitioners, radiology technologists, and neurosurgeons involved with the care of stroke patients.