KSR-ARRS Global Partnership
Breast Imaging Web Symposium

*No credits offered for this course.

Topics and Speakers

I.  Multimodality Breast Imaging: Screening and Diagnostic Indications

  1. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Evidence and Cost Effectiveness (19:06) — Mai Elezaby, MD
  2. Ultrasound Use in Breast Imaging (48:55) — Jessica W.T. Leung, MD
  3. Use of MRI in Breast Cancer (49:22) — Jiyon Lee, MD
  4. Breast Cancer Screening Using Multimodality Imaging (17:58) — Sung Eun Song, MD

II.  Breast Imaging: Back to Basics

  1. Best Breast Imaging Cases (9:09) — Tanya W. Moseley, MD
  2. Diagnostic Dilemmas (28:53) — Jamie Giesbrandt, MD
  3. Incidental Breast Lesions on Other Imaging Modalities (19:24) — Young Mi Park, MD
  4. Extramammary Lesions (20:34) — Mijung Jang, MD

III.  Controversies in Breast Imaging

  1. High Risk Lesions: ADH, FEA and Lobular Neoplasia (31:20) — Tara L. Henrichsen, MD
  2. Controversies in Preoperative MRI (11:04) — Ann Yi, MD
  3. MRI for Locoregional Lymph Nodes in Breast (20:17) — Min Jung Kim, MD

IV.  New Horizons in Breast Imaging

  1. Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography (37:29) — Janice S. Sung, MD
  2. Molecular Breast Imaging (44:22) — Katie N. Hunt, MD


V.  Clinical Application of Breast Elastography

  1. Clinical Impact of Elastography (15:18) — Jung Hyun Yoon, MD
  2. Breast US Elastography: Pros and Cons (17:34) — Su Hyun Lee, MD