Welcome to the 2017 KSR-ARRS Global Partnership
Breast Imaging Web Symposium

For this fourth KSR-ARRS web symposium, we have chosen the best of Breast Imaging lectures from the 72nd Korean Congress of Radiology and the ARRS 2016 Annual Meeting. This symposium includes 5 breast imaging topics with 15 web lectures.

Multimodality Breast Imaging: Screening and Diagnostic Indications

Breast Imaging: Back to Basics

Controversies in Breast Imaging

New Horizons in Breast Imaging

Clinical Application of Breast Elastography

We hope you enjoy this latest global education initiative from KSR and ARRS. Please take a few minutes to fill out the evaluation at the end of all of the lectures. As always, we appreciate your feedback.


Jongmin John Lee, MD, PhD
Kyungpook National University Hospital
KSR International Liaison Committee
Jiyon Lee, MD
NYU School of Medicine
ARRS International Outreach Committee