The Roentgen Fund® Honorary Lecture

The Roentgen Fund® Honorary Lecture offers donors an opportunity to recognize and honor a mentor, colleague, or the memory of a loved one, in a high-level and prestigious manner. At the same time, these generous donors support scholarships and awards to invest in the future of radiology.

Donors, either one individual or several collectively, who make a fully tax-deductible contribution to The Roentgen Fund® of $10,000 or more in a calendar year may select a course from among the established ARRS Annual Meeting instructional course program to be designated in honor or in memory of their honoree.

The Roentgen Fund® Honorary Lecture will be administered according to the following criteria:


  1. The minimum donation amount is $10,000, which may be from one individual or several donors collectively. The minimum donation amount must be received within a calendar year for a lecture at the ARRS Annual Meeting the proceeding calendar year. The Roentgen Fund Board® of Trustees reserves the right to decline any donation for any reason.
  2. At the time of donation, donors should indicate the honoree’s name in the designated donation form field. Only one honoree may be designated for each $10,000 donation. In addition, donors should contact ARRS staff at regarding the request for a The Roentgen Fund® Honorary Lecture.
  3. The lecture is selected from among the established ARRS annual meeting instructional course program and published as “The Roentgen Fund® Honorary Lecture is made possible by a generous donation from [DONOR(S)] in honor (or in memory) of [HONOREE].”
  4. The designated lecture must be selected from among the established ARRS Annual Meeting instructional course program no later than February 1 in the calendar year it will be held. If there is more than one honorary lecture, selections will be honored in the order that they are received by ARRS staff.
  5. The honorary lecture, donor(s), and honoree are noted on Annual Meeting signage and in program material.
  6. The honoree is informed of the honorary donation.
  7. The donor(s) and honoree are invited to President's Reception.
  8. No travel funds are provided for the donor(s) or honoree.
  9. No membership or other criteria are required to be met in order for the chosen individual to be honored.
  10. Faculty of the selected lecture are informed that their lecture has been chosen as The Roentgen Fund® Honorary Lecture and may be identified as such on their CVs. A representative from The Roentgen Fund® Board of Trustees will introduce the lecture and recognize the honoree at the annual meeting.
  11. There may be one, none, or multiple honorary lectures at an annual meeting, depending on the donation levels.