Donor Spotlights

Thank you to these contributors whose outstanding generosity to The Roentgen Fund® supports the future of radiology.

Jonathan S. Lewin, MD

I want to acknowledge the countless radiologists who have dedicated their time and talent to teaching our Radiology community through the fantastic ARRS annual meeting and online courses, and to those friends and colleagues who have led the Society through dedicated and selfless committee service.

Jennifer A. Harvey, MD

In the early 1990s, I was a resident at the University of Arizona and was approached by Laurie Fajardo (now at University of Utah) to work on a research project that subsequently won the ARRS Resident in Radiology President’s Award in 1993. The project and the award definitely lit a fire of interest in research for me and I have been a research geek ever since. I would like to thank both Dr. Fajardo and Dr. Bruce Hillman who served as major research mentors for me early in my career. I am hopeful that the scholarships that the Roentgen Fund provides light a fire in younger colleagues.

Charles E. Kahn, Jr., MD, MS

It’s vitally important to our profession to invest in talented young radiologists. Their ideas and energies will advance medical science and education. The Roentgen Fund supports the platform from which talented individuals can launch a successful career and become radiology’s future leaders.

Mark S. Parker, MD

My wife, Cindy, and I are both honored to support the Educational, Scientific and Research goals of the ARRS and its mission to advance excellence in medicine through radiologic imaging.

In memory of: Anne C. Brower, MD, Musculoskeletal Radiologist, who served as both my academic mentor and chair during my chief residency. 

Patrick M. Colletti, MD

I am most grateful to Tom Berquist for inviting me to participate as a member of the AJR editorial board and for guiding us through responsible editorial practices. Through my work with AJR, I was fortunate to meet and share knowledge and friendship with three Figley Fellows and three Rogers Fellows. I am delighted to help in some small way to support the early academic careers of our future leaders through The Roentgen Fund. 

Gerald F. Abbott, MD

My affection and enthusiasm for the ARRS Roentgen Fund stems from my years of friendship and professional collaboration with Dr. Melissa Rosado de Christenson, who introduced me to the American Roentgen Ray Society in the early years of my career in Chest radiology. My first lecture on the national lecture circuit was at an annual meeting of the ARRS, and I credit the society for stimulating and encouraging the many years of educational activities that have given me so much professional stimulation and personal satisfaction.

My contributions to The Roentgen Fund are made with the hope that I might help to foster similar support and encouragement for other young educators in radiology. We are all so fortunate to work in such an exciting and gratifying field as radiology, and the American Roentgen Ray Society supports and nurtures that field with the finest spirit and highest professional standards. I am both honored and grateful to be a member of such a fine organization.

Levon N. Nazarian, MD

As a 1999 recipient of the Melvin M. Figley Fellowship in Radiology Journalism, I have seen firsthand the impact of ARRS programs on young careers. My editing and writing skills soared after the Figley Fellowship. I was subsequently appointed to multiple editorial boards, culminating in my eight-year term as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine. Donating to The Roentgen Fund is my way of saying “thank you” to ARRS.

Melissa L. Rosado de Christenson, MD

I am delighted to contribute generously to The Roentgen Fund and have done so consistently over the last few decades. In my role as Chair of The Roentgen Fund Board of Trustees, I have the privilege of reviewing all applications for Roentgen Fund scholarships and awards. Thus, I am keenly aware of the outstanding work product of early career radiologists and radiologists-in-training. The high quality of the research projects submitted attests to the immense emerging talent in our specialty. These young investigators will surely become the future leaders of our societies and our specialty. I see The Roentgen Fund as a wise investment in our future.

Srini Tridandapani, PHD, MD, MBA

I donated in 2020 in honor of the radiology trainees at University of Alabama. Medical trainees throughout the country have been challenged by COVID-19 to balance learning, service to their patients, and keeping themselves and their families safe. None of them expected this when they signed up for residency. The University of Alabama at Birmingham radiology residents rose to the challenge and went above and beyond—some even volunteering on the hospital floors. Thank you.

Rupa Radhakrishnan, MD

The Roentgen Fund actively supports the career enrichment of radiologists and trainees by providing awards to secure protected time and funding to benefit our profession and healthcare in general. As a past ARRS Scholarship recipient, I am well aware of the necessity of protected time, resources, and mentorship in laying the foundation for an academically productive career. While several people have helped me along the way, I would like to specifically acknowledge Dr. Achala Vagal, my mentor, and Dr. Himanshu Shah, my department chair, for their enormous support and encouragement. It is my honor to help the ARRS support other budding radiologists in developing their career passions.