Donor Spotlights

Thank you to these contributors whose outstanding generosity to The Roentgen Fund® supports the future of radiology.

Deborah Baumgarten, MD, MPH

I believe it is important to give back—to the community where I live—through volunteer work and donations supporting the arts, the environment, the city schools, the homebound; to national and international organizations that support the ideals I have for this world; and to the profession of Radiology that has provided me with years of incredible job satisfaction, wonderful mentors and personal growth—through service on committees and boards, organizing conferences, giving talks, manuscript review, and donations. To support the careers of those who will do the research that will move our profession to the next level; to support education so that we may all be the best we can at taking care of our patients; and to honor my mentors.

Ruth C. Carlos, MD, MS

Melissa Rosado de Christenson inspired my lifelong commitment to the Roentgen Ray. This gift is in honor of my role model, mentor and friend.

Richard Duszak, Jr., MD

The advances in radiology over my career have been just incredible, to the point where the overwhelming majority of patients today are touched in one way, shape, or form by medical imaging. That collective impact and success we enjoy as radiologists is because we all stand on the shoulders of the giants who have gone before us—the clinical visionaries, teachers, and researchers who together shaped the profession that we know today. Through its support of today’s visionary educators and investigators, the Roentgen Fund helps ensure a steady stream of tomorrow’s giants. There is no way that any of us can repay the giants of the past, but we can pay it forward to the profession so that those who follow us—patients and radiologists alike—will continue to be the beneficiaries of imaging’s amazing innovations.

Jonathan S. Lewin, MD

The choice to contribute to the Roentgen Fund is a simple one. As I recall the first national refresher course I ever presented, almost 25 years ago at the American Roentgen Ray Society meeting in New Orleans, I am reminded of the many other junior faculty who, like me, got their start at the ARRS, and of the many thousands of radiologists who look forward to the meeting each year to learn from faculty from near and far. The ARRS is truly unique in serving the needs of our membership and providing a hub of educational innovation, talent development, and lifelong learning. It has been an honor and a privilege to have been part of the society, and it remains a privilege to support the ARRS through my contributions to the Roentgen Fund.

Angelisa Paladin, MD

My donation is to honor Melissa Rosado de Christenson. She embodies what the Roentgen Fund is all about: Mentoring others and fostering a love of radiology. She is the G.O.A.T. in chest radiology and someone we all aspire to be!

Melissa Rosado de Christenson, MD

I have worked for the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) in various capacities for the last two decades. Although I have held similar roles in other organizations, I remain convinced that the ARRS is the premier education society and that The Roentgen Fund is of paramount importance to our specialty’s future. I have witnessed how a Roentgen Fund scholarship stimulates the early careers of radiologists who go on to make remarkable contributions. I have watched the birth of outstanding educators through the Clinician Educator Development Program. I have seen the evolution of young radiologists as they become national / international medical journalists through the Figley and Rogers Fellowships and the impact of Berlin scholars on medical ethics and professionalism, which are frequently touted but seriously addressed by only a few organizations. I support ARRS’s international outreach efforts in forging unique relationships with radiological societies and radiologists worldwide. I proudly contribute to ARRS and its Roentgen Fund in the knowledge that their activities will continue to promote excellence in radiology well beyond my professional lifetime and on into the future.

Philip Costello, MD

The Roentgen Fund offers grants and scholarships to young radiologists that can provide important stepping stones facilitating opportunities for careers in research, education or leadership. My contributions are given to support these promising educators and researchers helping ensure the future of the profession of Radiology.

Dr. Lee F. Rogers and Donna B. Rogers

This donation was made in memory of Dr. Jerome Wiot.

The ARRS has played a central role in my entire professional career. It has been my privilege to serve as President of the ARRS as well as Editor in Chief of the AJR. ARRS fellowships have been vital in the development and improvement of research programs in our specialty and are most deserving of our continued support.

Gerald A. Mandell, MD

My father’s history of only an eighth grade education and supporting five siblings and his mother demonstrated to me how a terrific work ethic, selling produce on the streets of Philadelphia, can elevate someone from meager beginnings to a position of executive in a large supermarket chain. His accomplishments influenced me to work very hard in my chosen career. His generosity was demonstrated by his never ending support of educational, medical, and religious endeavors. My wife Joanna has sacrificed so much in encouraging me to succeed in my beloved field of pediatric imaging. Many teachers and associates: Philip J. Hodes, MD, Carl M. Mansfield, MD, Jack Edeiken, MD, Murray K. Dalinka, MD, Morrie Kricun, MD , Edward O’Hara MD, John Kirkpatrick, MD, Marie A. Capitanio, MD, Theodore H. Harcke, MD, Abass Alavi, MD to name a few influenced my medical career. I have tried to increase the knowledge of my residents and fellows over 44 years of teaching pediatric radiology and nuclear medicine. Following my father’s example I have tried to stimulate young researchers via the Roentgen Fund, SPR Research & Foundation, and the Alavi-Mandell Publication Award which has awards presented since 1999 to deserving young researchers.

Mauricio Castillo, MD

Early on in my career ARRS gave the opportunities of serving as a Figley Fellow and thereafter an AFIP Fellow which led to my continued involvement with the Society and my work with the Executive Council which finally culminated with being elected as its President. The Figley Fellowship was crucial in helping me become an editor and my work with ARRS aided me in achieving a successful and fulfilling career. I have faith that the Fund will help younger individuals achieve their professional dreams, but also believe that the Fund is us: the radiologists who care about the future of our specialty.

Charles E. Kahn, Jr., MD, MS

Support from the Roentgen Fund, early in my career, opened new possibilities and prepared me to contribute as a researcher in medical informatics. It’s vital for radiology that we promote emerging talent to strengthen our community and advance the science and practice of medicine.