Donor Spotlights

Thank you to these contributors whose outstanding generosity to The Roentgen Fund® supports the future of radiology.

Jonathan S. Lewin, MD

I support the Roentgen Fund, along with the educational activities of the American Roentgen Ray Society, in its mission to ensure that we continue to have a vibrant, thriving, and engaged community of creative and talented Radiologists. The future of Radiology depends upon the young, and the Roentgen Fund is helping to create that future through its Scholarship programs and other activities. It is an honor and privilege to assist in this critical objective!

Richard Duszak, Jr., MD

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Warren Buffett’s quote is highly relevant to radiologists. Our specialty is arguably one of the most impactful of all. That success is the direct result of the work and innovation of visionary radiologists who have gone before us.

The Roentgen Fund supports today’s educators and researchers—those who will define tomorrow’s radiology. Although we cannot repay those who made radiology so great, we can pay it forward so that future radiologists continue to similarly and impactfully contribute to patient care.

Charles E. Kahn, Jr., MD, MS

Support from the American Roentgen Ray Society was transformational in my early career: it gave me the resources to develop skills, build partnerships, and pursue “big picture” goals.

The Roentgen Fund gives us a way to support radiology’s future leaders. We can help our early-career colleagues achieve professional successes, which then advance the specialty of radiology and the care of our patients.