2020 Awardees

ARRS Scholarship

Theodore T. Pierce, MD

Harvard Medical School

Funded by The Roentgen Fund®, Theodore T. Pierce will use the protected time afforded by this ARRS Scholarship to pursue the development of advanced ultrasound biomarkers for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

According to Dr. Pierce, the overall goal of his two-year, two-step research project is “to develop and validate novel ultrasound-based biomarkers of NAFLD through advanced image analysis using machine learning and novel ultrasound-measured tissue properties.” Dr. Pierce says further that these biomarkers will serve as “safe, accurate, and noninvasive tools” to “diagnose NAFLD, risk stratify patients, and monitor treatment response.”

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Resident in Radiology President's Award

Scott J. Adams, MD

University of Saskatchewan
Project: Development and Cost Analysis of a Lung Nodule Management Strategy Combining Artificial Intelligence and Lung-RADS for Baseline Lung Cancer Screening

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Resident in Radiology Melissa Rosado de Christenson Award

Geunwon Kim Sun, MD, PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital
Project: Ductal Carcinoma in Situ on Digital Two-Dimensional versus Tomosynthesis Mammography: Rates and Predictors of Pathologic Upgrade

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Resident in Radiology Executive Council Award

Madison Kocher, MD

Medical University of South Carolina
Project: Outcomes and CT Correlates of Young Adults Diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer

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2020 Clinician Educator Development Program Awardees


Jitesh Ahuja, MD

Gitanjali Bajaj, MD

Karen Buch, MD

Hamid Chalian, MD

Shinn-Huey Shirley Chou, MD

Noah Ditkofsky, MD

Andréa Faria de Melo-Leite, MD

Daniel Thomas Ginat, MD, MS

Chi-Wen Christina Huang, MD

Ryan P. Joyce, MD

Eugene Y. Kim, MD

Christopher M. Lack, MD, PhD

William Harlan Laxton, MD

Richard Leake, MD

Eman S. Mahdi, MD

Lori Mankowski Gettle, MD, MBA

Catherine Metz, MD

John D. Millet, MD, MHS

Gopi K. Nayak, MD

HaiThuy Ngoc Nguyen, MD

Ann Terese Packard, MD

Vinay Prabhu, MD, MS

Chara E. Rydzak, MD, PhD

Masoud Shiehmorteza, MD

Julianna J. Tobler, MD

Courtney M. Tomblinson, MD

Jyothirmayi Velaga, MD

Kanupriya Vijay, MD

Stefanie A. Woodard, DO

Tsuneo Yamashiro, MD


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